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As the Tools and Supplies Community has grown we have started to compile a collection of catalogs, instruction manuals, and how too documents. The natural progression was to create this site.
We specialize in safety, roofing, painting, landscape, and contractor equipment. Some of our partners you may already know in these markets, Wolverine Tools, Seymour Tools, Structron Tools, Bully Tools, King of Spades (wwmfg.), Lackmond Diamond Wheels, Chinrose Locks, The Brushman, Superior Equipment, Streetwise Security Products and others. We offer one of the largest arrays of Made In The USA Tools available from one source. Our signature site is Tools and Supplies for Less. Come visit us and Join us. We offer attractive affiliate marketing programs where you can earn money just by recommending our sites. We also offer customized web development services to tie your product lines into ours in a professional seamless and attractive package.
Munufacturers Product Catalogs
The Brushman - Brooms & Sweeps, Janitorial Supplies, Paint Supplies, Roofing Tools, Safety Equipment
Bully Tools - Professional Quality Garden & Nursery Tools for The Professional or Home Owner
Chinrose Locks - Professional Quality Locks, Hasps and Safes
King of Spades (wwmfg) - Made in The USA. Professional Quality Steel Nursery Tools
Link Handles - Replacement handles for axes, mauls, shovels, rakes, brooms and more.
Seymour Tools - Professional Quality Garden & Nursery Tools
Seymour Stricking Tools - Professional Quality Axe's Picks, Mattocks and Tampers
Seymour Forged Head Tools - Professional Quality Garden & Nursery Tools
Seymour Fireplaces - Fire Logs, Fire Starters, Hearth Accessories
Sureloc Landscape Edging - Aluminum Landscape Edging for commercial or residential use.
Wolverine Hand Tools - - Professional Quality Garden & Nursery Tools